Welcome to Institute of Continuous Education


Institute of Continuous Education starts its history on november, 2009, when by the decision of the Academic Council of Tver State University and based on the order of the rector was established Center of Continuing Education.

We conduct our business in order to increase the effectiveness of additional education and additional professional education at the university, improving the competitiveness of TSU in the corresponding segment of the market of educational services, as well as to strengthen the human resource capacity of the Tver region.

Our history

The system of continuous education in recent years has developed in the framework of the strategic development of the university. Continued formation of the organizational structure.

Were created Graduate School of continuous teacher education, educational center "Step into the Future", Children's Center. One of the largest projects in the framework of the Institute of Continuing Education was the opening of high-school classes and creation on its basis the Academic Gymnasium.

Institute of Continuing Education as the structure of the university actively engaged with governments, state and municipal institutions, enterprises of the real sector of the economy.

For example, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education of the Tver region continued organization and conduction of regional stages of the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren. Every year, in January and February, more than 1,100 children and more than 700 accompanying teachers from all municipalities of the region gather in dorms and academic buildings of the university for the creative competitions and the selection of the participants of the Federal stage of the Olympiad. Innovation was the holding in 2014 training seminars for teachers in the days of the Olympiad competition.

The largest University project in number of participants is monitoring of educational achievements of schoolchildren grades 3 and 4 of all schools, lyceums and gymnasiums of Tver region. This project is implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of the Tver region, state institution "Center for Education Quality Assessment" and the Russian Academy of Education.

In 2012-2013 TSU through its continuing education structures took part in the implementation of the Presidential Program's training of engineers. As part of this program was organized theoretical training and internships not only at the university, but also on the basis of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna), as well as on the basis of engineering centers in Belarus, Ukraine, Germany.

Since 2013 the university is involved in the experiment of preparation for entering universities women, who are young mothers under the age of 23 years. The basis of this work is preparatory department ICE. In the summer of 2014 were released 24 female students of the preparatory department. Nine have successfully passed the entrance test and entered universities of Tver region, including the TSU.